Retail Solution

Create a seamless customer experience in your
land-based betting shops

Casino Gaming Solution

Casino Gaming

Gaming Terminal

With our software you can turn any regular personal computer into
a gaming terminal. You may use these stations to create a retail
environment where players can access your games and
applications (like slots, roulettes, skill games, sportsbook, poker, etc.).

The system comes with a centralised management panel that
allows you to choose what games are offered in terminals.

Regular hardware can also be extended to include cash deposit
boxes that allow players to bet with actual cash, rather than their
online balance credits.

Betting Terminal

Betting Terminal

Betting Terminal is a self-service kiosk that allows your players to bet on
your popular applications like Sportsbook and virtual games like Keno.

  • Linux/Windows based
  • Customisable hardware

If you also have online gaming website you can allow direct cash deposits
to online wallets, which will reduce queues at cash desks.

  • Bill and coin acceptors transform it into a self-deposit terminal
  • Through a thermal printer, it can print tickets for betting games like Keno
Retail Shop Solution

Retail Shop Solution

Our super stable, rock solid software products that we created within Retail Shop System are
easy to use by your cash desk operators and allows you to create smooth and seamless betting
shop experience for your customers.

Shop Management

  • User account management for your staff members
  • Employee access control with configurable permissions
  • Daily shifts management with access log tracking
  • Searchable transactions archive and audit trail logs
  • Individual shop time-zone assignments and enforcement of
    open-close times
  • Choice of Strict or Liberal cash flow control mechanisms

Cash Desk Software

  • Easy 1-click installation of the software
  • Optimised for Windows (from XP to Win 10)
  • Unique serial number assignment and
    intact security with individual station locking
  • Supports any regular PC hardware
  • Dual screen support with customisable 2nd screen customer experience
  • Customisable print templates for tickets and transaction documents
  • Support for all printer sizes and types (including regular and thermal)
  • Remote management capability for easy operations
Ticketing Software

Ticketing Software

With this software and keyboard shortcuts, you can
generate tickets incredibly fast. It is an effective tool
as all games and applications are integrated in one
user-friendly interface.

You can pre-define individual templates and formats
for different game tickets, as well as combine multiple
tickets in one bet-slip (which is very useful fixed odd

From its easy-to-use interface you can check win-
nings, as well as give them away. It also supports vari-
ous currencies.

Mobile Cashier

Mobile Cashier

Mobile Cashier is a mobile application that helps
your operators to issue tickets without sitting at
the cash

  • Quick mobile registrations of bets
  • Effortless ticket generation and printing
  • Compact thermal printer support via bluetooth
  • Easy access, no internal network required
Business Intelligence and  Analytics

Business Intelligence
and Analytics

You can get the full overview of your business operations
from one control panel.

  • Shop statistics and betting performance data
  • Reconciliation reports
  • Cashier discrepancy tracking reports
  • Print or export to Excel and PDF

Agent (Franchise) Management

Our Agent Management software allows you to easily control all your franchise
operations and configure revenue sharing from one control panel.

Configurable agent revenue sharing model
Agents are allowed to manage credits per shop and/or per cash-desk
Full reporting and analytical data for both you and the agents
Automatic settlement of the accounts
SMS and email notifications

Helper Utilities

Helper Utilities

Ticket Viewer App allows customers to scan betting tick-
ets and check their winnings without waiting in the queue
at the operator’s desk.

Ticket Generator is another line-reducing app that cus-
tomers can use to generate tickets quickly with their own
smartphones. They can register tickets with the help of
Mobile Cashier later.

BetCast - Multi Screen

TV Management System

BetCast is a multi screen TV management system for your betshops that is adapted to
multiple TV displays. It consists of a powerful Screen Management Software, a batch of
Transgol’s innovative content, and integrations from 3rd-party content providers.

BetCast Betting Laptop
Screen Management

Screen Management

The Screen Management Software represents a unified CMS that allows you to
centralise all your bet shop displays management. From its interface, you can
see how many TV displays you have, where they are installed and what is
broadcasted on each.

We used an innovative approach to build this unique software, utilizing the
power of Fire TV Stick* - Amazon’s #1 best-selling device for easier online
streaming. It costs much less than any other competitor's product - only
$39.99 per connection.

  • Turn each screen on and off and change what is displayed on them
  • Content scheduling, playlists creation
  • Manage different content in each screen application
  • Synchronise the content to create a unified video wall
Unique features

Unique features

  • The system can be built using Fire TV Stick or
    any other Android-based TV stick
  • Instant connection over Wifi - no hassle with cable networks!
  • It is managed from a centralized control panel
  • No need of separate software installations on TV sets
  • No need of physical maintenance after initial setup
  • Remote management and configuration availability
  • Over-the-air updates
  • No virus-vulnerability and threats
  • No licenses needed
Screen Management

Transgol Virtual Games

We have created numerous innovative applications for Betcast.
Transgol’s live-rendered 3D games are powered with Apple TV**
the premium hardware that costs $149 per device.

Transgol’s outstanding pack of virtual games include:

  • Keno
  • Spin And Win
  • Double Up Roulette
  • Fixed Odds Lotto
  • Slots Games
  • Wheel of Fortune
  • Horse And Dogs Racing
Poker Keno Lucky
Print Solution

Print Solution

Our print solution allows you to easily configure sports
fixtures for all leagues and matches, and prepare them
for printing at your bet shops.

The bet shop manager can print the fixtures himself on
a regular printer, or prepare the PDF print files for
mass publication.

The fixtures can be printed in two different ways:
standard and extended (horizontal version with more
odds) layouts are supported. The content can be fil-
tered according to your customers needs. You can
select detailed game odds view, top games only, etc.

  • Date time filtering
  • Timezone selection
  • Detailed game odds view
  • Customisable game list, odds selection,
    templates and print header
  • Export to PDF and Excel
  • Optimised for mass printing and photocopying
  • Black and white and colorful version