to launch innovative
website phishing protection technology

The Problem


directs users by mail or messanger to enter details at a fake organization website.

Clone Of Website

Hackers clone a website that look and feel almost identical to the legitimate one.

Identity Theft

Used to deceive users, and exploits the poor usability of current web security.

Hackers commonly take advantage of these sites to attack people using them at their workplace in order to take personal and security information that can affect the user or company .

The Solution

Contact us and setup a demo meeting.
Install our innovative extension on your organization website.
Once installed our technology take care of the rest. each attempt to clone the organization website is intercepted at real time.
Our system sends real time alerts to the company's manager about the phishing attempt by email and sms.


Why SiteSec?

Transgol company has extensive experience in security management To build the best possible products, we work collaboratively and strategically with our clients throughout every step of the process. We bring years of technical experience in security and engaging with entrepreneurs from all backgrounds.

Client security

The number of attacks has intensified and the threat picture is constantly changing.

What are The damage caused by phishing ?

Ranges from loss of access to email to substantial financial loss.

What types of alerts SiteSec Sends?

SiteSec monitor in real time the web to detect a clone of the organization's webste. once detected the system sends sms and email alerts to the organization.

What happens after the alert sent?

SiteSec sends to the managers the exact url of the phishing attempt and the technical details of domain if available. the manager should contact the isp to notify the abuse.


SiteSec is backed with reporting system personalized for the customer. Secured Login: Cloud Based secured area to see all history of alerts and phishing detections. White list and black list: SiteSec mange a black list of domains and white list due the growth of security awareness companies.

What technologies do you use?

We create and leverage state of the art code libraries to improve the efficiency of our development workflow.Our management team has a unique combination of talents and a bold vision for the future.