Transgol is a software house based in israel founded in 2000 and owned by Mr. Piny Koren. Transgol has the knowledge, experience, ability and professionalism to deal with complex and long-term projects, as well as short and simple projects. the main features of the development are for WEB and cellular (Android + iPhone), including client server applications, complex systems including management interfaces,User based permissions systems, integration of maps and navigation, image analysis, sound integration, reporting systems and statistics, complex games for adults (casino, poker, bingo, snooker) and for children (a variety of flash and html5 games), as well the development of internal-organizational software systems tailored to customer requirements. Today there are two branches in Israel - Nahariya and Tefen and another branch in Bulgaria. In the Israeli branch - about 5 workers, and in Bulgaria - 5 more. In addition, a network of programmers and service providers spread throughout the world to provide service and availability in a variety of countries according to local needs in dealing with large-scale projects and decentralization.


All our technologies are developed in accordance with the new distributed environments including mobile phones and tablets. Optimize search engines, platforms and browsers.


We provide everything needed to develop a software project at all stages, from design, development and through to final software testing and personal and close support throughout the project life cycle.


Competition coupled with rapid changes in technologies pose today's entrepreneurs a reality that requires coping with constant change. Constant innovation is the key to competitiveness in the business world.


Accurate needs diagnosis,based on extensive knowledge and proven methodologies along with many years of experience, sharpens the challenge and leads to creative solutions that take into account the range of aspects that maximize the chances of success.

Mobile Development

Today everyone has a cell phone. A large percentage of the cellular devices are smart devices (iPhone, Android, tablets, etc.) and this number is only increasing. searching for information based on location, advertising and more ... The potential of marketing via mobile applications is huge because, unlike all other means, marketing comes right up to the customer, because most people are connected most of the day to their mobile device. an example of this capability is our unique GPSME application which allows you to create a group of followers and track them and view them on a map in real time. the gps Which allows viewing places within a certain radius around a selected location pushed us to develop the PROSALE app enabling business owners to advertise their products based on the physical location of their customers.

Transgol specializes in developing applications for smartphones and tablets devices suc iPhone, iPad, Android and BlackBerry We also develop apps for Facebook.


Push Notifications

Navigation screens

Casino sport and poker

Transgol specializes in developing casino games using HTML5 technology. games such as Slot machines, Roulette, Table Games, Virtual Races, Spin & Win and more. the games are characterized by a professional level of design, a combination of a random algorithm with a smart algorithm that preserves the house edge in the long run alongside an exciting game experience. in addition to developing the games, we provide smart management systems that combine financial reports, real-time player tracking, Sending alerts, combining Jackpot games and characterizing Jackpot systems.
In addition, we provide consulting, supervision and placement of casino and gambling systems under regulatory supervision and certification of the validity of casino machines, licensing casinos, And combating the phenomenon of money laundering.

Transgol currently provides services to companies in England, Bulgaria, Peru and Turkey and is involved in international projects in the development and placement of sports sites, casino and poker.

Solutions for land base casinos in the authorized countries. Learn more ... Retail

Here are some of the games under Transgol's development. For full catalogue please contact us.

Information cyber security

Transgol specializes in the development of information security technologies, and consulting in the areas of information security and cyber protection, The company specializes in quality response to its customers both at the level of building cyber strategies and programs from an organizational perspective, And in designing targeted security solutions while taking into account the needs and nature of the organization. Transgol specializes in three main areas in the information security world: development of software technologies,regulatory consulting,and penetration testing. We provide the optimal envelope tailored to each client according to his/her personal needs, organizational structure and computerization.
The following are some of the solutions that Transgol developed in the field of information security:

CATS - Developing unique technology in the field of raising employees' awareness in the area of ​​information security. Learn more... Celestya

Exclusive development of Transgol, a robot that scans the Internet and Dark Net to detect phishing attacks on sites and organizations in real time. The technology detects the attacker's server in real time and performs a counter-attack To neutralize the danger to the organization. Learn more... Sitesec

Exclusive development of Transgol, a protection solution for organizations and private sites to steal the source code of the site for phishing purposes. the ransomware phenomenon grows fast And Transgol developed a solution that enables organizations to protect against the theft of the source code of their site for phishing purposes. the technology detects in real time an attempt to upload a fake website to the Internet and sends a real-time alert to company executives and actually prepares them to a possible ransom attack. The solution includes contacting the ISP of the attacker's server, and taking steps to remove the threat for the company under attack. Learn more about technology... Untiphishing

Live chat for your site

Never miss a customer who visits your site. Our live chat widget allow you to interact with your clients on site in real time. The integration of the widget in your site is very simple and involves 1 line of code.

Services we offer

At Transgol we provide all the necessary requirements for the development of applications and software systems at all stages, from design, development and final software testings, So we have the ability to provide both a complete solution to the end customer and to provide each of the services separately.

Websites and intranets

Development for Android


IPhone development

Casino games and facebook


Sport websites



Transgol's portfolio presents the best development skills. Sites,games and apps.following is a selection of them.

  • Bally bingo flash game
  • Aliens flashgame
  • Bingo platform
  • Bonsai commerce site
  • Selestia space game
  • Poker for facebook
  • Siel
  • Gpsme app
  • Holand flash game
  • flash game jerusalem
  • Microsoft office addon for hebrew language
  • PassPro - personal passowrd application
  • Falling stars flash game
  • Reverse billing services in uk
  • Multiplayer snooker games
  • sports website in uk
  • Technion innovation center
  • Currencies exchange
  • News site

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